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The goal of these rules is to set a framework to allow wingsuit pilots to compare their flights on a common scale, independent from time and location in three different categories, each one stretching a different area of the flight envelope.


All jumps are logged with a GPS logger from FlySight which will be taped onto your helmet and logs all parameters necessary during your flight.
After landing the logged data will be analyzed with software created by Paralog®.

One competition round consists of a set of three tasks explained below.
The competition window of each of these task is between 3000m and 2000m. If the competition windows is crossed multiple times, the first crossing counts!
At the end of the competition the score of all rounds will determine the ranking within the different wingsuit categories.
It is strictly forbidden to use any type of weights or propulsion systems. Electronic devices mustn't be worn near the official measuring device.
The number of rounds and the order of tasks is to decide by the competition organisator.


Pilots will be grouped into three different classes ('Rookie', 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced') depending on their wingsuit:
Wingsuit database

Each class will be ranked separatedly.

The list is based on Paralog®'s list: here


To unite the different aspects of high-performance flying every competitor has to perform three different tasks per round.
Each task is measured within a single flight and will be announced during the briefing.
The competitor with the best performance during a task receives a score of 100% and sets the base to calculate the relative score for all other competitors during this task.

Time challenge

Achieve the longest flight possible while flying within the competition window.

Distance challenge

Achieve the greatest distance possible while flying within the competition window.

Speed challenge

Achieve the highest horizontal speed in a straight line while flying within the competition window.

Further information

If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact us or visit Paralog®'s event rules.