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Hey there.

I was born in Styria, Austria on October the 4th, 1982.
I started skydiving in 2002 only because it was job related but it did not take long until I was pretty keen on it. In 2005 I watched the first video about wingsuit flying and was amazed. Still it took four more years until I made a hobby out of it and bought my first wingsuit in 2009, a Prodigy II from Phoenix Fly.

I collected a lot of experience during my base jumps, all over the world.
Since I attended the Phoenix Fly coaching course, held by Jarno Cordia, I am eager to teach interested people about wingsuit flying.

After a few years of wingsuit flying I started to question myself:

Why do many other countries have official wingsuit events and Austria is lacking of them?
The idea for Austrian Wingsuit Competition was born and our first event took place at the end of July 2014 @ Paraclub Wiener Neustadt. With the help of my cousin Daniel and my girlfriend Simone our event was a full success.

Our first competition was over and we started thinking: Now what? What can we do to improve further events? We wanted a platform where all interested pilots can fetch information about wingsuit events in Austria. So we launched this website. The initial competition was a full success and we're trying to improve future events and one of the most important steps was to make them international. According to law we were not allowed to accept all foreign parachute licenses and therefore pilots from foreign countries were not able to attend.


1982 in Styria, Austria
2002 (military service), 2008 (hobby)
First wingsuit flight:
Phoenix Fly:
Coach and Dealer since 2012
Flown wingsuits:
Prodigy II, Vampire III, Phantom III, Vampire 4, Venom, Vampire 5, Vampire Race, Havok Carve

This regulation was annulled in 2015. So we are really happy we can announce our 1st International Wingsuit Competition 2015 (More info).

If you need any information do not hesitate to contact us.
I am looking forward seeing you at one of our events.
Fly safe,